We deploy subject-area specialists to review all core business areas and come up with a renewed approach to productivity and efficiency enhancement. These specialists redefine the business processes to empower employees, improve decision-making, and achieve higher level of customer service, among other such objectives and quantitative-cum-qualitative key performance indicators. All business activities are monitored through robust supervisory techniques to ensure that the overall business strategy is implemented and yielding the desired results. Each employee has his/her KPIs monitored on a daily/weekly/monthly basis; with special emphasis on instilling commercial orientation, customer care, and a sharper skill set necessary to perform his or her job.

Oasis Energy’s turnaround and growth strategy is derived from its leadership team’s management experience at an ailing utility business (i.e. K Electric), tailored to the peculiar requirements and environment of different companies. The overall strategy focuses on quick fixes initially; while implementing the medium and long-term plan over the next 3-5 years. A snapshot of our turnaround and growth strategy is given above.