KE is one of the world’s few privately owned vertically integrated power utility companies - generating, transmiting, and distributing electricity to almost 23 million people

Company Overview

1. Incorporated in 1913, KE is the sole supplier of electricity to the city of Karachi
2. KE is listed on the Pakisgtan Stock Exchanges with a market capitalization of c. US$ 2.8b
3. The company was privatized in Nov 2005
4. KE operates through three different businesses: Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Current Ownership Structure*

(* 66.4% majority stake recently sold to Shanghai Power for $1.77b)

Transformed Financial Performance

Net Income turned positive in 2012, this was the first positive net income in 17years

Enhanced Capacity

Use of US$1.2bn in Capex to increase generation by 1000 MW in capacity (4 new power plants) and 12 new grid stations

Improving Efficiency

  • KE’s fleet efficiency improved by 22% to 37.2% in FY15
  • KE’s T&D losses reduced by 12.2% to 23.7% in FY15

Management and Brand Building/ESG

  • Major organizational restructuring occurred during this period, including institutionalizing a performance management system, reducing headcount by c. 7000 by successfully outsourcing non-core staff,
  • Brand Equity Index rose from 45 to 74 as measured by AC Nielsen
  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) level ‘A’ rating for Integrated Sustainability Report (June 2012)
  • 100% of Karachi’s Industrial Zones exempted from scheduled load shedding since 2010

Certificate of Excellence Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2015

2014: FT / IFC Transformational Business Award for Project Finance - Energy

2014: CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate of Excellence

2012: Level ‘A’ Rating from Global Reporting Initiative
KE becomes the first organization in Pakistan to achieve such a rating for an integrated report
2009-2013: Multiple Environmental and Fire Safety Awards

Environment Excellence Award 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

2012 & 2013: Harvard Business School Case Studies
Published 2 case studies highlighting KE’s turnaround story